guangzhou Cheng Hong E-Tech. Co., ltd. was established on august 8, 2012, focused on smart industry light control system, providing first-class intelligent street lighting management system Software, hardware equipment and the related led lighting products. Since the establishment of the company, based on the principle of talent-oriented, relying on the core R&D team that has been engaged in the field of lighting industrial control for 18 years, the company has achieved rapid and stable development. We have developed over 100 main products and hundreds of derivative products, which have fully covered street lights, expressway and tunnel lighting, power plant and warehouse/building lighting, high speed railway stations, airport and small lighting and other fields. at present, it occupies more than 70% market share in the field of china expressway tunnel lighting with total over 2000 tunnels lighting projects done till now, this quantity will be double in next 5 years based on traditional hps (high pressure sodium lamp) update to high output lumen and intelligent tunnel lighting solutions, andvery fast growing new highway building with huge investment, more than 90% market share in the field of power plants, several large-scale urban smart streetlight projects at domestic and abroad.

Our mission is to contribute to the creation the IoT industrial lighting for smart cities,we support this mission by providing smart street lighting solutionswith first-class OFDM power line communication and wireless LoRA communication Technology. by using the motion sensors and daylight sensors hybrid system, they can be seamlessly connected with all of the lighting fixtures, which will be more effectively manage the street lighting infrastructure, to lay a solid foundation for the smart city lighting management platform.

top technology researching & developing to keep leader in the smart lighting management industry and BestQuality & services to support the customers to become most competitive at the markets.

join us together to the IoT lighting industry 4.0 , we will make smarter city lighting projects!We are looking forward to becoming your reliable long-years strategy partner!

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