Polo de iluminación de calle inteligente Jul 02, 2020

The spring of smart light poles

The concept of smart city street lightinghas gone through three stages: technology-driven, city-dominance, and innovation-sharing, from being put forward to being put into practice. it has not only made innovative breakthroughs in upgrading infrastructure and technological upgrading, but also created opportunities to promote the development of various areas of the city.

governments across the country are actively developing and constructing smart cities. according to incomplete statistics, more than 355 cities have proposed smart city plans across the country. all cities above the sub-provincial level, 88% of cities at the prefecture level and above, and 46% of cities at the county level and above have proposed the construction of smart cities. However, china smart cities are still in their infancy, presenting problems such as fragmentation, information islands, unclear characteristics, insufficient effectiveness, and lack of long-term mechanisms, which are in urgent need of innovation and breakthrough.

traditional public infrastructure is difficult to carry the ever-increasing city scale, population and aging. intelligent infrastructure is the best solution to solve these problems, and it is also an important foundation for a smart society. smart street light poles are considered to be the most promising public infrastructure.

as a smart city data portal, smart street light poles are equipped with cameras, display screens,vehicle charger, and other equipment, and are equipped with wireless communication systems such as WiFi/5G ; the weather station , esp. the air quality detectors PM2.5 device will be quite helpful on more comfortable living environment for our citizen. Moreover, for the frequently snowing city and the serious fog and rainy at mountains and seaside area, our Auto-Changing there is a smart Auto-Changing controller (Double colors from 2700K~6000K CCT) will be perfect solution for it-- changing to warm white color at snowing day and whole winter, not just prevent the roads side snow dazzling our eyes, but also offer a warmer feeling a rather cold days. fog and heavy rainy days can also option to the warm white color if necessary. by using the motion sensors and daylight sensors hybrid system, they can be seamlessly connected with all of the lighting fixtures, which will be more effectively manage the city s infrastructure 

smart poles and towers have the characteristics of wide distribution and excellent location. They are an excellent carrier for "global perception" to collect data and provide a data foundation for the construction of new smart cities and communities.

as an infrastructure, street lights have the characteristics of orderly distribution, extensive coverage, and presence of electricity in the city. If it is only used for lighting, it obviously does not give full play to its value. Therefore, when the demand for multi-pole integration and 5G micro base stations gradually became clear, smart light poles suddenly caught up with the trend, and were vigorously promoted and inspired by policies.

there is much room for growth in the scale of smart light poles.

The number of urban lighting street lights is huge, but the scale of smart light pole construction is small. in 2018, the actual penetration rate was less than 0.05%. according to data from the national bureau of Statistics, urban road lighting has continued to grow, from 16.9 million in 2009 to 27.8 million in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 5.48%.

However, the construction of smart light poles is still in its infancy. according to Ofweek's research, the scale of China's smart light pole construction has increased from 400 in 2014 to 13,000 in 2018, with a compound growth rate of 89.88%. From 2014 to 2018, the penetration rate of smart light poles increased from 0.0022% to 0.0475%. it is estimated that the total number of smart light poles will reach 50,700 and 150,700 in 2020 and 2021, and it is a general trend for smart light poles to accelerate the replacement of ordinary street lights.

in addition, a large number of ordinary street light poles on urban roads have the need for "Multi-Pole in one" transformation.

With the development of smart cities, smart street light poles are integrated and interconnected. Although smart light poles have been used worldwide, the public and application departments' awareness of this technology and application is still relatively lagging. The development of the industry is not yet mature, the industry concentration is low, and the technology and business scale still need to be improved and upgraded. in general, in the context of the rapid development of technologies such as smart city construction and the internet of Things, smart street lights with "Multi-purpose light pole" will bring new ideas to city construction and help the development of smart cities, and the future can be expected.

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